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PuyoPuyo is a famous video game series made by Compile Co, Ltd. The first game was released in 1991. The company went defunct at 2003, but PuyoPuyo team is still making the games in (후략)

to below of the grid -> to the bottom of the grid

color of Puyo -> colors of Puyo

When you drop the Puyo, it each Puyo drops separately -> When you drop the Puyo pair, each of the pair drops separately

More than four Puyos that have same colors and shares an edge is called Group -> Four or more adjacent Puyos that have the same colors are called a group

it is popped -> they are popped

After group pops -> After the groups pop

If it makes a new group -> If they make new groups

You are given R × C grid. Each grid is filled with certain color of Puyo or an empty grid. You should drop Puyo pair and derive a given grid. -> You are given an R × C grid. Each cell of the grid contains a Puyo of a certain color or is empty. You should start from an empty grid and drop Puyo pairs to derive the given grid.

Fortunately, you can choose which color and place to drop.

0 means an empty grid. -> 0 means an empty cell.

number of Puyo pair -> number of Puyo pairs

row number of -> column number of

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