jh05013   2년 전

distance future -> distant future

exist a company -> exists a company

makes ball -> makes balls

spherical object -> spherical objects

Their ball consist -> Their balls consist

so advance -> so advanced

each type of layer have their -> each type of layer has its

some factory can -> some factories can

its cheaper -> it's cheaper

must be recycle -> must be recycled

so advance -> so advanced

manager receive -> manager receives

brain cell -> brain cells

type of ball -> type of a ball

jh05013   2년 전

입력 설명에도 있는 거 실홥니까...

number of factory -> number of factories

number of type of layer -> number of types of the layers

3F line -> 3F lines

three line -> three lines

line consist of -> line consists of

L integer -> L integers

next line represent -> next line represents

The line start -> The line starts

number of layer in the ball -> number of layers in the ball

N integer -> N integers

type of layer of -> type of the layer of

jh05013   2년 전

The for -> Then for

startlink   2년 전


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