kyuridenamida   5년 전

Hello everyone!
I'm kyuridenamida, one of foreign users of BOJ.

The other day, I found the Valentine's day event and joined this.
Actually, I never thought I would be received chocolates at the time because I'm a foreigner.
Well, that is,  I submitted a source code only half-jokingly :P

But BOJ's admin told me that I had the right to receive chocolates by EMS.

I was surprised at it, and also I thought that if he send me single chocolate by EMS, the cost to send will be quite larger than the chocolate's price. 

Today, the international parcel post arrived!↓


With a gift message!↓


Yeahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you verrrry muccch :):):):):) (A lot of chocolate and a lot of stickers)↓


Since this is a special surprise, I'm extremely happy (*^^*). I'm eating chocolates now.

By the way, I didn't receive any chocolate this year as a Valentine's day gift. But now , I'm now able to claim I received a lot of chocolates.

namnamseo   5년 전

I think I should go to Japan before next year's Valentine's Day :p

slanjdu   5년 전

Enjoy your chocolates!!!

amugeona   5년 전

wow, OAO... 

shjgkwo   5년 전

that's cooooool

amok   5년 전


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